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Ea, Bizkaia

The town called EA is located in the Lea-Artibai region, between the towns of Lekeitio and Gernika, and very near the natural reserve of Urdaibai, all of which are wonderful places worth visiting. Our guest house is in the middle of the town of Ea, which is a very small coastal town on the right side of the Busturialde –Urdaibai region. The outstanding characteristic of our town and one that take visitors to us, are their houses that fell directly to the river, with its balconies plus its two Romanic Bridges. There are also worth visiting churches, which have a neoclassic and baroque altarpiece. Moreover there is a small hermitage in the “atalaya” where long time ago the inhabitants used to observe the Cantabric sea and pray to the “Talalyako Virgin” so that the sailors would find the way back home.
The town is divided lengthwise by the river which gives its name to the town, the river Ea. The town has two streets connected by four Bridges two of which are of a beautiful
Romanic style. One of these streets takes us directly to the Beach and the other one to the port.

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Ea beach

The Beach is characterised by its quiet water and its services which have given the Beach the title of Blue Flag Quality Beach. This characteristic makes the Beach a perfect place for swimming and bathing in the sea, even for children. Nearby the town, we can find the three neighbourhoods which belong to the town of Ea; Bedarona, Natxitua and Angelutxu. The three of them belong to a rural environment which is a very nice opportunity to practise mountain-biking or trekking.
There is a very established habit in town called the “txikiteo” in which people gather together in order to go from bar to bar drinking and eating something in each of them.
The beach of Ea is 100metres away from the guest house but if you are interested, in a 10 minutes car drive you can find the beaches of Laga and Laida. In these two towns you will find enjoy their wonderful surroundings and beautiful sightseeing points like Ogoño and Mundaka. You will also be able to practise water and adventure sports in the middle of the natural reserve of Urdaibai.

What to do from Ea?

Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

Lapatza cove. Natxitua


Medieval Bridge of Ea


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